Friday, September 28, 2012

A peek at our week

Happy Friday! 
Today's the last day for the Zoe Clothing Co. Giveaway so if you haven't entered yet 
go do it now.

Here's a peek at our week through the camera lens of my phone. 

The biggest girl went on a Daddy date. 
I can't believe she's almost 5! 
Someone make her stop growing! 

Maddie wishes she could sleep with Kenzie every night.
I have a feeling once she is in a big girl bed they will sneak in together once we put them down.

She likes pizza
like her Momma. 

Kenzie LOVES soccer.

Cheering on her teammates.

My boy is all boy.
Gone are the days of princess dresses and high heels.
Now he's in to swords and cars and Army men.

Movie night!!

Look what we found in the jungles of Irvine. 

Our second home.
This day we had lots of friends to join us.

We do school with Christmas music in the background. 
Because it's never too early to start.
Don't judge people.

She is the easiest child to teach because she loves to learn! 
She would do school all day long if I let her.