Monday, October 1, 2012

Zoe Clothing Giveaway Winner!!

And the lucky winner is...

Bummed you didn't win the Zoe Clothing Giveaway?
Don't fret! 
Zoe Clothing Co. is having a giant 12 Weeks of Christmas sale! 
Every week they have a new online sale or promotion for the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas 
(did you know we are already less than 12 weeks away from Christmas...crazy!)
All you have to do is be on their mailing list or be a Zoe Clothing facebook fan for the promo code. 
This week the 12 Weeks of Christmas special is FREE SHIPPING on everything in the store!! 
Go. shop. now. 


Carole Powell said...

Less than 12 weeks to Christmas?? That means I'm less than 12 weeks away to my sons Christmas Eve birthday, 4, and my daughters day after Christmas birthday, 2! ACK!!!

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