Thursday, October 4, 2012

We hate ants

Mackenzie reading a book about animals in the other rooms yells to me in the kitchen,
"Mom! Come heeeerre."
I come.
Kenzie: "Look! I just found the thing we hate more than anything else in the whole wide world."

Yes ants. 
They are from the devil and are full of all kind of evil. 

I'm pretty sure I almost cried today over ants.
They are everywhere. 
The other night Mackenzie came into our room in the middle of night to report that her bed was full of ants.
She wasn't lying.
So gross. 
And annoying. 

Ok I'll stop complaining now. 
Happy Thursday everyone. 
Hope you have an ant free day! 


Mama G @ said...

They are terrible in California! Have you ever tried Terro (I think that is how it is spelled). That is the only thing that worked when I lived out there. It does take awhile to work because they carry it back to the nest.

daisy4given said...

ugh! I am familiar with how you're feeling... we have had a TON of scorpions in our house this year. In CRAZY places... and i have most definitely cried over it. Several times.