Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Soccer Hair Bows

Every girl needs a little hair bling. 
Especially when you're out on the soccer field. 
I think our hair bows must hypnotize the other team or something because our girls have been kicking major booty out on the field. 
Well that and they are just really good. 

 Anyways, want to make some pretty hair bows for your daughter or her sports team?
Then follow this tutorial :)

It was super easy and they turned out adorable. 

After I laid out all of the ribbon in the star shape I sewed down the middle (like she suggested) with the sewing machine. I figured since the girls were going to be running around and scoring a million goals it would be better to make sure they were extra secure. 

But instead of using the zip tie like she does in the tutorial I just scrunched up the sewn ribbon pile with my hand and hot glued it to the top of the pony holder. Then I tied a long piece of ribbon around the top of the ribbon pile and the pony holder to secure it and finished it off with a knot. 
(Tell me if this isn't making sense)

 I love how all the ribbon is at the top of the pony holder. I think it makes it way easier to put into the girls hair instead of the kind where the ribbon is just tied in knots all the way around. 

Yay for hair accessories and being a girl! 
Go bumblebees!!