Saturday, November 3, 2012

A peek at our week!

We have officially survived 3 full weeks of bed rest!  
I have another doctors appointment and ultrasound on Monday.
I'm praying baby is healthy and I'll be back to normal soon! 

My husband has been such an awesome helper/hero while I've been stuck on the couch.
He even took the big kids out one night after Maddie was in bed to see "Brave" in the dollar theater by our house.
I'm so blessed to have such a great hubby! 

Hello fall and happiness.
Courtesy of my mother in law.

Maddie's new obsession. 

Our church had a Harvest Festival the weekend before Halloween and....

I escaped!! 
It felt so good to wear real clothes and breath fresh air and to be a part of real life again
(at least for a couple hours). 
Don't worry I was in a wheelchair with my feet up the whole time :)

There was so much fun stuff for the kids to do at the Harvest Festival.

And it was so good to be able to watch the kids be out of the house running around and having fun. 

Taking a ride on the spinning machine. 
a.k.a. Daddy

Aaron also took the kids out with some friends to go trick or treating on Halloween night. 

And I enjoyed all the perks of being a Mommy with 3 little kids who hit the candy jackpot this year. 

So thankful for good friends and visitors! 

And game nights.
Thanks for letting me win guys.
4 times in a row :)

This guy cracks me up. 

Man they are cute. 

Here are two more of my lifesavers. 
They come on Wednesdays and Fridays to party and play and take care of us all. 
If I get off bed rest I'm going to have to think of a way to keep them coming for our weekly play dates :)

 This week we made homemade play dough and these fun pictures!!! 

Who knew glue, watercolors and salt could be so cool together. 

While Aaron took the kids to a friend's birthday party

Lauren, Becca and I played Ticket to Ride.
 and ate Halloween candy :)

Best big sister in action...
helping her brother button his pjs. 

Hope you guys had a fun Halloween and a great week too!


Unknown said...

So thankful for husbands with servant's hearts! I'm on couch status too with my third. My first two were born at 32 weeks and we're trying to prevent another preterm labor( I'm 31wks on Mon) My husband had been doing SO much!
totally wanted to get a wheel chair to go to my Alma Maters homecoming parade this morning but I am under the weather so we stayed in. Glad you got out and glad you have helping friends, and a big sister
helper too! Will keep u in my prayers!

Cecilia said...

We love Sequence! I don't know many people who play that game.