Monday, November 5, 2012

Mommy date...bed rest style

Mackenzie has definitely had the hardest time with me being on bed rest. 
She was in desperate need of some Mommy time so last week I had my mom take the little ones to Bible Study and I planned a Mommy date at home with me and my biggest. 
She loved every second of it! 

We started off with a super girly, pink, sparkly mani and pedi.

Because every girl loves to be pampered. 

Then we painted pumpkins and pinecones. 

pink. of course.
with glitter.

and rhinestones. 

We also ate lots of Kettle corn, played with her dolls and spent lots of time coloring and drawing (her favorite is to tell me what to draw and then color the picture once it's all done). 
And we even got to eat lunch with Daddy. 
I asked her if she liked eating with just the two of us and she said, "Oh yeah!". 

I love spending time with my big girl!  

And just because they are too cute not to share...

My friend came by the other night and we painted some Pinterest inspired pumpkins. 
It was so fun! 

Here's a shot of all of them...
Mine is the blue with the polka dots which I love!! 
I just wished we had used fake pumpkins instead of the real things so we could keep them forever. 

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