Tuesday, March 12, 2013

9 things

In case you were wondering....
yes I'm still pregnant. 
very very pregnant. 
I keep reminding myself that he WILL be here any day.
It kind of feels like the never ending pregnancy. 
Anyways...here's a little bit of the randomness going on in my life right now. 

1. I'm going through this book with a group of ladies from church. 
It is so so so awesome. 
Definitely a great read for any mom. 

2. After a couple weeks of double reading I'm finally caught up (I think even a couple days ahead) in the One Year Bible! It is so good to be in His Word every day. Definitely the kind of nourishment this soul needs.  

 3. I know Christmas is long gone but I'm still loving this soap

 4. We bought a chicken coop (thank you Craigslist)! Now all we need are some chickens.
Pass all your chicken knowledge my way!

5. Read this.

6. As we have been waiting for Hudson to come we have been stuffing our weekend with all sorts of house projects. Last weekend we painted a dresser (yellow) and two end tables (coral). The hubby also built us some awesome book shelves. 

The finished book shelves.
Dang we have a lot of books.

7. The baby loves Chick-fil-A's cookies and cream milkshakes. 
I don't blame him. 

8. I went to a parent info meeting for Kindergarden the other day.
And I am in total denial that I am going to have a Kindergardener! 

9. Make this. You will thank me. 


Mindy said...

Kristin!! I'm reading the same book. Just got started.. my SIL got it for me.. from a recommendation from her bestie (Shannon) - who I think is in your women's group! What a small world!!! HAHA!!

Misty said...

I think I may have to get that book, it looks amazing! :)
We have chickens! I love them! :) My kids even show them in 4-H. They eat all our food scraps (of which we have a ton! :-p). I'm sure you're going to have so much fun with them! Are you getting chicks or grown hens?

Sarah said...

I think I could definitely use that book! I did the one year Bible last year and it was great to read His word everyday- you are right! Aaaand... I also love that soap- I have two more on hand for when the one I'm using right now runs out. And they had large bottles of hand sanitizer in that scent, too, so I stocked up on those! :)

Lena K. said...

The Krusciewics are a wealth of chicken knowledge.