Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvest Festival 2013

Every year our church has a Harvest Festival with bounce houses, rides, and of course lots of candy. 
Last night was this years festival. 

 The night started off a little shaky. 
One kid had just woke up from a nap...and one kid needed a nap. 
You can't tell but two out of 4 are crying in this pic. 

Super baby is super cute. 
And 7 months did that happen?

Last year I snuck out of the house (from being on bed rest with Hudson) to go to the Festival.
I spent the night in the wheelchair but I remember it was so wonderful being out in fresh air. 

So this year was extra fun and special being able to enjoy it with our whole family.
And no wheel chair.

Do you guys have any fun fall traditions?


Teresa Halminton said...

Aww! So cute!! Family costume!
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Faith Richards said...

He makes my heart melt like edu birdie review page always does to me when I was still enrolled in the review sessions. :) Kinda missing those times.

Gregory J. Trujillo said...
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