Monday, November 18, 2013

cray cray

Remind never to do two boutques at the same time again.
That was crazy....but so fun too.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I had my final Sugar Plum boutique of the year and then Saturday I had another boutque in Mission Viejo.
Coffee...was my BFF this weekend. 

 Friday night I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning sewing more towels and painting this sign for the second booth my hubby made for the Mission Viejo boutique. 

What a hard working guy I have.
I definitely wouldn't be able to do anything without him and his support. 
Thanks babe! 

And thanks to all of you who supported me making the craziness worth it. I sold out of almost all of my towels!
empty booth=happy vendor

As much as I love selling at boutiques 
I love shopping at them too.
It's so fun being able to support fellow crafters and get some one of a kind pieces. 

And I'm thankful for my little people too who by the grace of God think helping at boutiques is fun. 
Mackenzie is counting down the years till she can stay the whole time and help me (bless her soul). 

This weekend was full of good surprises. 
Our chickens also started laying eggs!! 
It's like Christmas morning every day. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend too. 
Can you guys believe it's almost December?!