Monday, November 25, 2013

Q tip painting (snowman)

Yay! It's Thanksgiving break!  
A week off school (and school drop off/pick up) deserves celebrating.
I asked Kenzie what she wanted to do during the week off.
her answer....
Lots of crafts. 
So I told her we could do one every day. 

Today we made a snowman painting using Q tips.

Super easy and it was all stuff we already had at home. 
Just Q tips, paint and paper.
I drew the outline of the snowman and his hat onto the paper lightly with a crayon and they did the rest. 

Even Maddie and Wesley were able to do it. 

I love how all of ours turned out unique. 
I'm trying to find the perfect place to display them. 

And since I'm going for the Mom of the year award today we also painted finger nails...Christmas theme (of course). 

Do your kids have the whole week off school too?