Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall in Southern California

Lately I have been a little grumpy about our lack of fall weather. 

I'd really love to be sitting under one of these trees drinking hot apple cider dressed in a scarf and boots. But instead I'm in shorts, a t shirt and my Rainbow flip flops. 

But yesterday we took advantage of the holiday and headed to the beach. 
And I was reminded that living in Southern California does have its perks.
It may not be cold enough to need scarfs or sweaters but we can still wear sandals and go to the beach in November. 
Which isn't that bad after all. 
 We call this the baby play pen.
Thank you Trader Joes.
You are always saving the day. 

 Some of my favorite babies on the beach.
With the sun setting behind them.
Picture perfect.

  I love that gummy smile! 

Hope you guys had a great Veterans day too
weather it was at the beach or in the snow or somewhere in between. 
(Just don't tell me if it was sitting under a pretty tree sipping hot apple cider).