Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Mackenzie

Today my baby is six years old. 

Mackenzie Grace,
Momma is so proud of the woman of God you are growing to be. 
You are the tallest (and I'm pretty sure smartest) girl in you Kindergarten class.
You love school more than anyone else in the world and are a social butterfly.
You are silly and have a playful spirit.
You love to make people laugh but you do not like people laughing at you (two very different things). 

You are so little yet so grown up. 
You are definitely a firstborn. 

You are the best big sister and little momma to your siblings. 
You are nurturing and loving and very helpful. 
Lately you have been loving on Huddy all the time. 
You love to hold him and take care of him. 

 You love going out on Mommy and Daddy dates and we love to spend one on one time with you. 
I love to hear all the things going on in your little head. 

 You love wearing dresses and being fancy. 

You are a soccer stud and scored a bazillion goals at each game. 
All of the other teams didn't believe you were only 6. 

 You are our girly girl but you also love adventure. 
When everyone else wanted to leave the fishing place you begged to stay longer and asked that we bring you back again. 

 You are brave. 
(picture taken right before you broke your arm)

 You are a good, loyal friend with a sensitive heart.

You are kind and caring and a joy to be around. 
I'm so thankful that you are my daughter. 
What a blessing you are to our family!
We love you baby!
Happy 6th birthday!


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