Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Taking care of a home and a husband and little ones is hard work. 
Good, hard work. 
Sometimes just keeping the house from burning down and the kids alive is a victory. 
There have been days I have fed my kids cereal for lunch (gasp). 
Or stayed in my pjs all day. 
Don't get me wrong...I strive the be the Proverbs 31 woman mentioned in the Bible.
And by God's grace and help I am becoming more and more like her each day. 
But some days are not glamorous. 
or pretty 
(whether it be a bad attitude, the condition of my house or fishing plastic Easter eggs out of a poop filled toilet).  

But from looking at my Instagram feed you may not know that. 
You may think that I have it all together all the time (ha!). 
  Sometimes I find myself looking at other peoples feeds thinking the same and feeling the weight of comparison. 
A couple weeks ago a few of us moms were chatting at the park (about this very issue) and we decided a hashtag had to be made. 
To keep things real. 
To give people a peek of the stuff that you shove out of the way when you go to take the perfect Instagram picture. 
But mainly to encourage other moms that we all struggle with the same things. 
We aren't proud of it and we are (hopefully) working to improve the areas that need improvement but we aren't perfect and that's ok.
Plus it's fun and funny. 
I've included a sampling of the #realmomz pics below. 

(In case you missed my original post about the reality behind the perfect Instagram pics read THIS)

I kicked off the feed with a mild picture of the inside of my car. 
This is what it really looks like people. 
On a good day. 

There were a lot of dirty dishes in the feed. 
I'm sure we all feel like we are drowning under dishes all the time. 

Moms rarely get to eat a hot meal. 
Or sometimes a meal at all. 

"So if you are coming doesn't look like this. But the other 6 days a week it certainly does."

Oh laundry. 
I think you will forever be my nemesis.

And this has got to be one of my favorites. 
"I am cooking dinner and saw some awesome pics. I'm proud to add my own. Behind the pile of clean laundry, those pics are of the people that came IN the frames. I don't have time to hang up my own family pics! My kids don't care-why should I?"

Today I added this one. 
"The kids chore is to unload the dishwasher everyday. We are still working on the putting everything away part."
So if I ever say "My kids do chores everyday" you know that this is what it looks like (when one child in particular is doing it).

So please feel free to play along and hashtag your own #realmomz pics.
And tell your friends to keep things real and play along too. 


Kathy said...

You make me feel so much better about my house. I'm not a mom, but I have a husband. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That made me feel so much better. Our house is always in a state of organized chaos. Unless company comes over or I take a picture for the blog. :) Thanks so much for that this morning!

Caroline said...

I thought it was just at my home! Thanks for sharing,
Carol - from Argentina

amy said...

i`m very unorganized, you can find mess in my car including my old clothes.


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