Friday, April 25, 2014

Peek at our week(s)

It's Friday! 
Here's a peek at our week (or 2) through the lens of my trusty sidekick (iPhone). 

This car has been a favorite of all of our kids. 

A little early morning playground session while the cleaning lady does her thing

As a family of 6 we can't afford not to go to Ben and Jerry's free ice cream day

She is obsessed with Lego friends and has been dreaming up this project for weeks. 
A giant map/play mat of Heartlake city.

Imaginations on fire  

We finallllllllly made some more hummingbird food for our little friends

Morning snuggles are my fav

This day I said yes to the sprinklers. 

These boots are going to get lots of wear this summer 

This pic needs to be blow up giant and go front and center. 
It's pure happiness 

Her first french braids. 
Little girl rite of passage

We kicked off spring break with some strawberry chocolate chip pancakes 

And we spent a lot of time at the lake 

and sonic.

How many more weeks till summer?

Gamma has the best toys

 After months of force feeding veggies to my kids they are finally coming around. 
This was their requested lunch one day.

our garden is growing 

 Bubbles have never been so awesome 
(exhibit at the Discovery Science center) 

Ergo forever

Making resurrection rolls

The craziest Easter egg hunt ever. 
There may have been thousands of eggs but there were also thousands of people.

 Easter morning egg hunt. 
He has risen!

Our annual Easter family pic

What a fun day celebrating Jesus with some of our favorite people

I busted out the shaving cream for a messy craft the other day 

I may or may not roast peeps over the stove when the kids aren't looking.

This little man is getting so big

"Look at me! I'm king of the rocks!"

Had an adventurous trip to go fabric shopping with the littles.
Remind me not to do that again anytime soon.