Monday, October 20, 2008

If I have been antisocial lately this is why...

The holiday boutique my friend and I are doing at Mariner's church is only a few weeks away! I have been working like crazy while Mackenzie naps and staying up way too late when she goes to bed at night trying to get as much done as possible. Here are a few new things I have made on top of the goodies you can find on my website ( Let me know what you think...

Santa Clause Bib
Tons of Taggie Blankets

Crayon Rolls
These are perfect for kids on the go! Each crayon roll holds 16 crayons and neatly roll up and tie closed when not in use. They are easy to stash in diaper bags or purses and are great to keep in the car or to take into resturants to keep the kiddos occupied. Tutu Bow Holder (you clip the bows onto the strings of ribbon)
Fabric Flowers for your hair. I have two sizes (small and large) so kids and adults can both wear them.

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Mirella said...

I love the crayon idea! I want one!!!