Friday, October 31, 2008

Our little bumble bee

Last night was Mackenzie's first Halloween. Although Halloween isn't my favorite holiday I have to admit I love seeing little kids dress up in their costumes and I love getting lots of candy...for Mackenzie of course :). Every year our church puts on a Harvest Festival that we go to with tons of games, candy, prizes, food, etc. It definitely beats trick or treating! Here are some pictures from the Harvest Festival. Sorry there are so many...Mackenzie and her friend's were so cute I just couldn't not post them all!
Our Little Bee

Mackenzie and Cailey Bea...they were SO cute together!

It was so funny...when Mackenzie first saw me with my face paint on she started crying and was scared of me. I think she was more confused than anything because she knew who I was but didn't know why I looked different.

Me and Jenielle and our little bugs

Our Family

One of our friend's brought their pug who was dressed up like a bee. Mackenzie loved him and wanted to play with him the whole night...she has a slight obsession with dogs.

Mackenzie and her daddy


I just love her so much!

Me, Anna, Jenielle and Becky

Mackenzie loved watching everyone and taking everything in. She had a lot of fun!

Our flying bee

Mackenzie had a cute hat that went with her costume but I knew she wouldn't keep it on for long so I made her a little bee clip to go in her hair. You can see it and more on my website

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