Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doll Diapers and Changing Set

Mackenzie loves her baby dolls.
Lately she has been really interested in pretending to change their diapers.
She will go into her room, grab the bag of wipes and a diaper, and have a full on diaper changing session with each of her babies.

So I decided to make a few adjustable diapers that would fit her different sized dolls and stuffed animals (partly because I knew she would love them and partly because I was tired of her constantly taking her real wipes and diapers from her room).

Then I figured why stop with the diapers?
So I made a changing pad, wipe case and some wipes to go with it.

Now Mackenzie can change her babies in style.

I also added a few diaper changing sets to my store :) Check them out here if your interested in one for your little one.


Cori said...

Those are fabulous! My girls would love something like that.

limabean+4 said...

They are so sweet!

Casey said...

great idea! my daughter needs this too

Deb said...

Seriously the cutest thing ever! What little girl wouldn't love a set of these?!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Those are so cute! I've been trying to make doll diapers for my daughter, but I keep getting the dimensions wrong. I love yours! I found your blog through Just Deanna.