Monday, July 27, 2009

Stain Cover Up

Some moms can get stains out of anything.
I am not that mom.
So what do I do to hide stubborn stains on a perfectly good shirt?

Cover it with cute fabric flowers of course.

All you need to do is find a shirt with some stains on it.

Dig through your fabric stash and find a fabric with a cute pattern on it. Cut the pattern out of the fabric, iron it on to your shirt with my favorite "Steam a Seam" and then top stitch to secure.

Bye bye stain! Hello brand new shirt!


Simply Sara said...

Genius....pure genius!

Unknown said...

Very cute! But have you tried soaking it overnight in OxyClean (the powder that comes in tub)? I swear I can get anything out with it

Brittany said...

That's ingenious! But will it look too little-girlsy if I do it on my own shirts? I get worse stains than the kids!

Julie said...

I love your design,,,very smart! I second the OxyClean if you get a stain that won't come out. My mom's baby dresses (50+ yrs old)had stains on them. I got some water VERY VERY HOT, added OxyClean and soaked them over night, the washed them. The stains came out and they are beautiful again :-)

Kosmika said...

I think it is better now than before.. :) i did a similar thing before, but your fabric is much better! It' so cute... good job! :)