Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finger Painting...Mackenzie style

Coloring was so last week.
This week Mackenzie was into finger painting
with diaper rash cream.

Mackenzie went down for a late nap
and had been sleeping for a long time.
We went into her room to wake her up
because it was almost time for dinner
and we found
our child
and her room
covered in diaper rash cream.

This time I almost wanted to laugh.
Because I was thinking,
"You have got to be kidding me!
I just finished getting pen out of everything."

Mackenzie was covered from head to toe in white.
Literally she looked like a circus clown.

And the {almost} funny thing is
Mackenzie did all of her "finger painting" pre-nap.
Then when she got tired
or figured her masterpiece was complete
she crawled back into her bed and went to sleep.
Like it was a completely normal nap time.

She was still sound asleep when we walked in the room
and discovered her surprise.

Remember how much pen was on the glider?
I was so excited when I figured out that I could flip the cushion over so it looked brand new
and now the brand new looking side
looks like this.
Pen on one side.
Diaper rash cream on the other.

These were her pants.
The back side is equally as messy.

Her shirt.

The quilt.
Oh yes, the quilt.

And the pillows.

While Aaron was bathing Little Miss Trouble
I googled "How to remove diaper rash cream"
and learned that baking powder would be my BFF this week.

So after I scraped off as much of that evil cream as I could
I poured baking powder like it was going out of style.
(supposedly it soaks up the grease)

Then sprayed everything with stain remover,
washed it twice
and praised God because pretty much everything came out.

*I also want to mention that after the pen incident we moved every potentially messy thing out of Mackenzie's room. Unless it was something that we needed in there (for example diaper changing stuff, lotion, etc.) we put it on top of her big dresser where she couldn't reach it. However my kids have really sensitive skin and pretty much perpetual diaper rash, so I put diaper rash cream on multiple times a day. Thus it was out, but on top of her changing table where I thought she couldn't reach.
I was wrong.


Sheyb said...

LOL!!! That is my youngest, Zoe on a regular basis! :) Finger nail polish, rash ointment, all the spice in my drawer mixed with water and thrown on the floor, found some scissors [who knows where - I hide them all... or I though I did] and cut a hole in her dress, sharpie on the walls, cut her own hair [again... where is she finding these scissors?], glue on the floor, etc etc etc...

Ahhh... the joys of parenthood. ha ha!

Basically. I TOTALLY feel your pain! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember one of my kids doing some 'finger painting' with the contents of a dirty diaper! Not fun!! I'm glad you were able to get it out of clothes and blankets.

One thing I used very effectively for little sore bottoms is Bag Balm. It's for cow's udders :) but it's the best thing for babies bottoms and anything that gets chapped. If you're interested, they carry it at Cal Med at Trabuco and Margeurite.

Wendy said...

Oh you poor thing! Good thing she's so cute :)! I have to admit, this did make me giggle a little bit ~ it's always funnier when its not happening to you (I should really keep my mouth shut, since baby # 3 seems to be more of a trouble maker than my other two ~ I could be in for it!).

Amy H. said...

I feel your pain also, just yesterday Buggie was quietly watching a movie while I was working. Then all of a sudden she started yelling at the dog to get away. Hum thats weird, so I went to got check on her. To my utter disgust she had taken the hummus she was eating and spread it up her arms. Then proceed to fling her arms around, getting hummus on the walls, carpet, couch, and MOSTLY my silk pillows!

So I send a good laugh across the blogging world as I still try to rack my brain about how to get it out of my pillows!

Lynn said...

You know how the saying goes... things always come in three's? You should definitely hide all of your scissors :)

Mommy2Sophia said...

oh noooooo! you did make me chuckle though....i feel so bad for you, and your beautiful QUILT!

Cori said...

We've been having that kind of week with my 3 year old - peanut butter, pink frosting, baby lotion,...

Lisa said...

Two words: video monitor

Katielin317 said...

This just made me laugh so hard...especially after the pen post. You are a good, patient mama. My girl, at 2, got into the vaseline during naptime. It was gooped all over her face towhere it was hard for her to open her eyes. Not mention, allover he walls, clothes and bed...what a mess

Unknown said...

I just had a very similar incident with dark purple nailpolish the other week. Thankfully it was "just" her clothes, which I had to throw out, and her princess chair, which was one of those foam ones and it was already to the point where it needs to be tossed, recovered, or replaced anyways.
children are a blessing! lol