Monday, November 23, 2009

Good things ahead

Boutique over the weekend
2 sick kids
one tired mommy and neglected blog

I promise I have lots of fun ideas in my head that are just waiting to come to life (maybe... hopefully this week) plus a super cute Thanksgiving dress that I made (yes, made! well with my friends help, but still) for Mackenzie.

So stay tuned. Good things are ahead :)

On a side note the boutique was a total success! And I met a lady who gave me lots of good info about taking Lu Bird Baby to the next level. A totally scary but exciting thought!

And lastly we had a death in the family. Well kind of. Our beloved baby swing (AKA life saver/sanity keeper) broke. BOO! It had been acting funny lately but this past week it finally bit the dust. So I have been pushing it by hand (in desperate times) to get Wesley to fall asleep. Pathetic I know. Oh well. Just part of the craziness that is life right now.