Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Cool Fabric Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

I love a little hair candy.
Nothing too crazy.
Just a little something to spice up a do.

I made these hair pretties for a friend's birthday.
They look super cute clipped at the top of a pony tail
or hidden in a messy bun.

Since the holidays are coming up
and everyone is looking for gift ideas
I thought I'd share the how-to with you
so you can whip up a few for yourself or a friend.

Because handmade gifts are the best

-Needle and Thread
-Lighter or Fray Check (optional)

Step 1:
Cut out 5 or more circles, decreasing in size, from your fabric.
Just eye ball them. They don't have to be perfect.

*If you don't want your flowers to fray treat the ends with fray check or burn them slightly with a lighter (the burning only works on certain fabrics so be careful not to set anything on fire!)

Step 2:
Starting with the largest circle, pinch the fabric in the middle, creating some pleats and texture.

Hand sew to secure.

Step 3:
Continue the process of pinching and sewing each layer on top of the other, moving from biggest to smallest.

This is what mine looked like with all 5 layers.

Step 4:
Add a button, some beads or pearls to the center for a little flair.

Step 5:
Attach your fabric flower to a covered pinch clip or hair clip of your choice (using hot glue or by sewing it on).

And Viola!

A super cool fabric flower hair clip!

Package it pretty and give it to a friend!

And then make another one to keep for yourself :)


Crystal said...

So pretty. Thanks for sharing a tutorial.

Kendra said...

These look great! Thanks for the tutorial!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

What a great idea! I know a few people would love that!

Anonymous said...

What a great tutorial! Love it!

Andrea said...

I've been looking for a fabric flower tutorial and this is perfect! THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

I love how you share your great idea. Yeah, you're right that hand made gifts are best to give to someone. I'll probably to make this hair clip for my girl friend whose birthday is coming up.