Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

the Sellars' family.

A couple Fridays ago
I woke up in the morning
grabbed my camera and documented the day
exactly how it unfolded.
The good, the bad and the ugly.

Not that my life is super exciting by any means
but I thought it might be kind of fun for you guys to see how I spend a somewhat typical day
(pre surgery and the move)
as a mom, wife, and business owner.
I'd love for you guys to do
"a day in the life of.." your family post as well
and link it in the comments section.
It might be kind of fun to get a peak into each others daily lives.

Here we go...

5:00 a.m.- Wesley wakes up.
I sneak into the kids room to get him without waking Mackenzie up.
Bring him back into our room to feed him and change him
and PRAY he goes back to bed.
5:30 a.m.- Yeah! Wesley falls back to sleep in our bed.
So do I :)
7:40 a.m.- I wake up and realize both kids are still sleeping.
Jump in the shower as

7:45 a.m.- Hear Wesley wake up (He's still on my bed. I'm still in the shower. Bad idea.).
Jump out of the shower as fast as I can and bring him into the hall to play while Mama gets ready.

8:00 a.m.- Mackenzie wakes up
happy as always.

8:10 a.m.- The day has officially begun.
We get into our morning routine which involves
making coffee, breakfast, breathing treatments (they were still getting over RSV),
and Mackenzie's favorite gummy bear vitamins

8:45 a.m. Still eating breakfast.
Does it take anyone else forever to feed the kids breakfast?
Maybe my kids are just slow eaters.

9:00 a.m.
Finally done with breakfast.
I pick Wesley up out of his highchair and feel something wet.
Never a good sign.
So I take him into his bedroom to investigate
and find poo

Emergency load of laundry.

9:15 a.m.- First sip of coffee. Ahhh :)

And not just any coffee.
Brazilian coffee with vanilla creamer.
While Aaron and I were engaged we lived in Brazil for a few months and came back full blown coffee snobs.

9:30: Playtime with the kids.
A little bit of reading, drawing, and building with blocks and a whole lot of laughing and silliness.

10:00: Mr. Happy (see his shirt) is not so happy anymore.
Wesley wanted nothing to do with his morning nap.
Maybe getting him to go back to bed this morning wasn't such a good idea :/

10:15 a.m.- I decided fighting Wesley to take his morning nap just wasn't worth it today (the kid hates to sleep) so we headed out to run some errands.
On the way out of the house we spotted the trash truck.
Mackenzie hearts the trash truck.

There I am in my minivan with my super cool sunglasses
that cover the not so super cool bags under my eyes.

On the way to our first errand (Target) we stopped to visit our local llamas.
Mackenzie will not let us pass them without sneaking a peek.
I don't blame her. I like them too :)

I pull up to Target and find Wesley finally embracing his his morning nap.
I had a feeling that would happen.
It seems like his morning nap is on-the-go 50% of the time.
My poor second child.

Demonstrate self control in Target by sticking to the list (which can be super hard) and stock up on lots of baby food.

On the way home from Target I decide to grab a few things I need from Joanns since me and the crew are already out.

11:45 a.m.- Finally get home from running errands.
Make and eat lunch.
Clean up after lunch, empty dishwasher from this morning, etc.
1:00 p.m.-Put Mackenzie down for a nap.
1:45 p.m.- Put Wesley down for his nap.
Ahhh...Peace and Quiet.

During the kids nap I...
spend some quiet time with Jesus, catch up on email, write a blog post, think about starting some orders and then...

3:00 p.m.-
Wesley wakes up so I recruit him to help fold some laundry.
3:10 p.m.- Aaron comes home early!
Yay! I love Fridays!

3:30 p.m.- Wake Mackenzie up so we can all go to Sonic for happy hour!
Mmmm...Lemon Berry Slushies are the way to my heart.
They put in a Sonic near our house while I was pregnant with Wesley.
It was the only thing that got me through being pregnant in July.

After Sonic we stopped by a super cool bird store near us to visit (and hold!) some birdies.

Next we headed to the mall to get some dinner.
As we walked into the mall Mackenzie spotted the Easter bunny from a mile away and flipped out.
Literally she screamed at the top of her lungs, threw herself on the ground and wouldn't walk another step in the direction of the bunny.
Hilarious and embarrassing
all at the same time.

Go to Happy Hour at our favorite restaurant
where my cousin Becky works.
Their avocado egg rolls are another way to my heart :)

6:15 p.m.- Get home and get the kids ready for bed.

6:30 p.m.- Play a little Barnyard Bingo (Mackenzie's favorite game),

have a couple tickle wars, wrestling sessions, and Bible reading before bed fun.
7:00 p.m.- Put the kids to bed!

7:15 p.m.- Make some popcorn, grab a diet coke, snuggle up next to my hunny and watch "The Blind Side".
A great end to a great day!

What's a somewhat typical day in your life look like?


The Four on Board said...

it is too funny that this is like exactly what my life it like. well i just got put on leave by my doc for high blood pressure and im due with my second in a month or im actually learning what its like to be a stay at home mom now...lots i could go on about that one...but when i AM home ( christmas break, easter, day off) this is exactly how we roll! i will post mine soon but my blog is private! do you want to be invited to see it? :)

Amy said...

Love that. It is nice to see what other Mom's do during the day : )


OK, so my daughter easily takes 45 minutes to an hour for breakfast if I don't stay on her to keep eating. Watching Ellen doesn't help, but the cute girl requests it every morning and wouldn't you know that she's on at 9 here in Wimberley!

I'm going to have to record a day around here, but I have a feeling I might have a few I scrap before I find one worth posting.

I'm totally jealous of how close you are to Sonic and Target. Being at least a half hour from fun places like that really makes our days pretty uneventful or super busy and full when we "head to the city". Thanks to you, I'm craving a cherry slush now :)

I'm been spying on your blog for almost a year and ALWAYS enjoy your crafts, tutorials, and peeking into your every day life.

Get well soon!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Oh to be a SAHM. I can dream... the little while I had home with each kid was great, and I love the random weekdays off. I hate having to work outside the home, but I have no choice. I can dream I guess!

Cris CorrĂȘa said...


I was so surprised when I saw the brazilian cofee in your day...
I'm brazilian, and I just love our cofee, very strong isn't it?
You already lived here, good to know...
Loved your blog, I will follow you!
God bless you!