Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eating healthy

Things are changing..
I'm going green!
Well kind of.
My friend Cyndi gave me this book
to read during all of my down time

I have to confess I am (or was)
blissfully ignorant when it comes to nutrition.
I mean I know fruits and veggies are good
and Cheetos and french fries are bad
but beyond that I didn't know a whole lot.
And to be honest, I didn't really care to know
because let's be honest
I wasn't ready to make any real changes.

However I realized being intentionally ignorant
probably wasn't the wisest
or in this case healthiest thing to do.
So I read the book.
And my eyes where opened.

Now I feel like I am probably going to die really young from all the horrible cancerous things I have been eating my whole life.
In case you didn't know Diet Coke is really bad.
(but also really yummy...why is that?)
White bread....bad.bad.bad.
Sugar and Splenda...both bad
Basically every delicious cereal,
non organic meat, dairy and produce,
most snack foods,
regular pasta and white rice,
etc. are all bad for you.

The author basically suggests sticking to foods in their natural state
fruits, veggies, organic meat, nuts, plain yogurt, olive oil, etc.
Which makes perfect sense
but also eliminates so many of my favorite things.

Anyways, I know I won't be able to do everything the author suggests
{baby steps right?}
but I am definitely going to implement healthy changes into our home.

What are your thoughts on nutrition?
Do you have any healthy (and delicious) recipes you'd like to share?


Two Little Tots said...

so how bad is dt. coke as i sit and drink one??? i so don't want to know, but should, since i have about 3 a day!

and maybe i should get the book too!

sfitz said...

My husband read this book about two years ago and since then we've made HUGE changes in the way we eat. He is better at it than I am, but I've changed a lot. Nina also wrote a book for women talking about what we should be eating before, during and post pregnancy and while breast feeding. Yaowza, that one was really good.
There's also The Maker's Diet, which I've heard really great things about, but haven't looked too much into. Beckey just mentioned a way of eating called the 100 Mile Diet, where you only eat food that was grown or raised within 100 miles of your house. I could go on and on. Yay for you for wanting to change a bit! Do it now before your kids are old enough to know the difference between Kraft Mac-n-cheese and Annie's whole grain mac-n-cheese. ;-)

The Four on Board said...

awwww man i feel like this is a sign. i was talking to someone tonight who eats exactly like this and has her kids eat the same...and now you are writing this.....grhh...i think its time for me to start looking into it. is there a plan on how to do the baby steps in the book? i need help to start! and accountability! yeah and i drink 3 dt cokes a day and im preggo! noooooooot good :(

Cyndi said...

sorry friend... wasn't ignorant bliss so much fun :) Now you have my problem of drinking diet coke even when you know just how bad it is for you... shame!
At least we can encourage each other to do what we know is good for us :)
I'll give you a bunch of recipes!

Aaron Sellars said...

I like bad food though. Greasy fried goodness!

Kristin Sellars said...

The author didn't really set up a plan for baby steps but I know that's the only way I'm going to be able to do it. I'm planning on making simple, easy changes for now. For example, brown rice instead of white rice, real oatmeal instead of instant, plain yogurt with fruit instead of flavored yogurt, pretzels instead of chips, frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, whole grain bread instead of white bread, etc. Also I want us to eat more fruits and veggies overall. The book suggests fresh fruits and veggies be 50% of your overall diet. That is so not the case with us right now! I'm going to try to limit diet coke as well. No more than one can a day. It's going to be hard but I think I can do it.

Hope that helps!