Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grandma surgery...

This Friday
I'm getting Grandma surgery
A.K.A. bunion surgery
on my feet,
both feet to be exact.

It's nothing too serious
or so you would think.
Apparently removing the boney bump from my big toes
is a major surgery
that involves cutting of bone and pins inserted into my feet.
Crazy. I know.

And not that there is ever a good time to get surgery on your feet
but getting it done less than a week after I moved
with a 8 month old and a 2 year old
probably wasn't the best idea.
But of course it was the only time I could.

I feel like this surgery might age me about 50 years.
I'm borrowing an 80 year old man's walker

(don't worry. He doesn't need it anymore)
to use around the house

and I'm getting a wheelchair from my doctor
to use on longer trips
(because you know we will be going to Disneyland a few times to get on the front of all the rides. At least there is one perk to this).

They are also giving me a handicap permit
which is kind of cool
except for the fact that I can't drive for 6 weeks.
s.i.x. w.e.e.k.s. people!
That's a long time!

Can you tell I'm SOOOO not looking forward to this.
So if you think about it
please PRAY
that the Lord would heal me quickly,
be with my family as they take care of me and the kids
and the He would use this time to make me steadfast
and bring me closer to Him.

Thanks friends!

P.S. While I am recovering I won't be able to sew for a while
so everything that's for sale in my shop will be pre made and ready to ship.
If there is something you like be sure to get it before someone else does :)

Also..does anyone have a yummy recipe that I could make before my surgery and stick in the freezer to be reheated later?


Crystal said...

umm that doesn't sound like much fun. I hope your recovery is fast!

emily said...

OK, I read a lot and I don't comment :) BUT I had to on this...

My doctor, mother, sister, husband, etc have been encouraging me to have this surgery for YEARS! I am 35, work, have a 3 and 5 yo and just think - I have no time!

BUT... if you can do it :) And get them both done, it might be the sign I need to move on this.

I can't wait to hear how it goes :) Please keep us posted.

To freeze: any pasta dish - stuffed shells, lasagna, baked ziti.

Good luck!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

ooh good luck girl. I need to do that myself. I have one bunion., and one normal foot. I had the right one done in highschool and they surgery didn't take so they had to do it again. I never got the left foot done cause it was too close to graduation and I wanted to walk across the stage not be pushed. eek! Now I am 32 wishing I had gotten it done before I had a child. I'll have to check in with you to see how your making out. Your doing both feet and you have 2 children. Makes me look like a total wimp!! lol

Kristie said...

Oh Kristin, sorry you have to have this done but good for you to do it! You will be motivated by your little cuties and your love for sewing to get back to normal activities AND God's going to heal you up quick I'm sure, but I'll be praying for you too. :)

Restorative Living said...

Yuck! So sorry! I hope you feel better fast!!

I just posted an enchilada recipe that freezes well. You could try that. And it feeds a house-full, especially if you serve a side of rice with it.
See it here:

Wendy said...

Oh, good luck! Enjoy that handicap tag and you have my prayers!

Hippo Brigade said...

Okay, so apparently I need to catch up with you on your life! You're getting foot surgery & you've moved to a romantic little neighborhood! Geez.
I can drop off a meal on monday if you'd like, let me know if that day works. I'd love to help your family out!
I'll be praying for a quick easy surgery and a fast recovery!

Gorby family blog said...

Yikes! I'll definitely be praying for you!

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