Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is all about love
so it's only fitting I tell you about my greatest love of all.

Now you probably think it is

this handsome man
or one of these 2 cuties

or maybe even these bad boys.

And while I do love all of these things
they couldn't be described as my one true love
or the lover of my soul.

His name is Jesus.

He is the author and perfecter of love.
The Bible says God is love.
Every day I am blown away by God's love, goodness and mercy towards me.
And I can't help but love Him back.
After all he has given me all that I have.

Including the greatest gift of all
which still blows my mind every time I think about it.
The gift of an intimate relationship with Him
and eternity in heaven.
You see,
Jesus came to the earth and lived a perfect life.
Then he died a horrible death on the cross for our sins.
Then 3 days later, he rose again conquering sin and death
so that I (and you) might have life in Him.

And guess what?!
He loves you too!
A lot.
You are his precious son or daughter.
He created you.
He knows you and loves you
so so much.
And he desperately wants a relationship with you.

If that isn't good news this Valentine's day I don't know what it.
Way better than chocolate or flowers or even cake pops.

So if you remember one thing this Valentine's day
remember this...

Jesus hearts you
a lot.

Oh yeah...
and so do I!

Thanks for being such awesome blog readers and friends.
I am constantly overwhelmed by your sweet comments, love and support.
Hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day!


Amanda said...

Yay Jesus!

Candace said...

Amen! Happy Valentines Day!

Katie said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder.

Brandy@YDK said...

lovely post. happy valentine's day.

Amber said...

I love to read post like this! It seems so hard to find good Christian friends now a days for me! I am glad God has lead a few my way through blogging :)