Monday, February 21, 2011

Message Board Tutorial with guest blogger Angie

Soon after I got into the crazy world of blogging I met Angie.
I'm pretty sure I was looking up ideas for Mackenzie's quilt when I stumbled upon Angie's blog and her quilting genius.
Then I saw these adorable ABC fridge magnets she made and I knew we would be blogging friends.
She has let me pick her brain and answered my silly quilting questions and now I get to share her with you.

Meet Angie...

I am so thrilled to be over here at Lu Bird Baby today!
My name is Angie and I am from the blog This and That.
I love to keep my head spinning with ideas, projects and recipes.

Today I am going to show you how to simply transform a picture frame into a message board.

I sprayed this picture frame white a while back, as it sat behind my couch I had all sorts of ideas of what to do with it. A message board was one idea.

What I did?
I just replaced the picture that was behind the glass with a piece of ironed light colored fabric
That way you can write on the glass with white board markers and have a message board.

To make, cut the fabric about an inch longer on each side, lay in frame on top of the glass and cover with the cardboard that came with the frame. Press the little metal tabs down onto the fabric to secure in place.

And the best part about these message boards is you can switch out the fabric as often as you want. Just make sure you go with lightly colored prints or solids.

Thanks for having me Kristin!

Thanks Angie for sharing such a cute and easy project with us!
I'm sure I have an old frame or two just begging to be made into a message board :)

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Anonymous said...

I love it, thank you for sharing. So simple!