Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore

Life as a mom is crazy.
Fun, joyful, busy, hard and sometimes (most of the time) just plain crazy.
This week seemed a little extra crazy to me.
Good, just super busy and a bit crazy.
I think I need a mommy day off soon.
Just some time alone with me and Jesus.
Ah, that sounds refreshing.
Maybe at Burke Williams (my favorite spa).
That sounds extra refreshing :)
Anyways, hope you guys had a great week
even if it was a little crazy like mine.

P.S. I'm thinking of starting monthly "Day in the Life of the Sellars' Family" posts and was thinking we could all do it together. It might be fun for us mom's to see how each of us "do" a typical day in our lives. Let's all try to document one typical day of our families life and blog about it s0me time BEFORE March 1st. Then on the 1st, I'll show you my "Day in the Life" post and will have a little linky party for all of you to share yours. Sound like fun?! I'm excited! For more info on what a "Day and the Life of" post looks like click here.

red top: Macy's
jeans: Old Navy Maternity
flats: Payless

dress: hand me down from friend (Forever 21)
leggings: Forever 21
cardigan: Macy's
flats: Payless
necklace: Nordstroms

cropped jacket: Macy's
t shirt: hand me down from friend (Babystyle)
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean

headband: made by me :)

purple shirt: H&M
white under tank: H&M maternity
cardigan: Macy's
jeans: H&M maternity
flats: Payless

hot pink sweater: Macy's
under tank: Nordstroms
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean

green long sleeve shirt: Nordstroms
sweater wrap: Old Navy Maternity (hand me down)
jeggings: Forever 21
boots: Cathy Jean

brown tank: Old Navy
cardigan: Target
jeans: Old Navy maternity
brown flats: Payless

necklace: 31 bits

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{Love Stitched necklace}


Paxton said...

Ok you are just about the cutest, most-well dressed ever tiny little pregnant lady. And I hope through all of your "I feel like a house" or "I am so uncomfortable-ness" You remember how absolutely adorable you are, because you are.

courtneyricole said...

I love that Forever 21 dress! I am so ready for spring so I can wear more dresses!

I like the idea of a "Day in the Life" blog -- Even though right now I'm a "pre-mommy," I'll join in with my little family of husband, me, and my 2 furry beagles. But by May or June I will be able to add a little baby to the days of my life! :)

Kirkskornerathome said...

So sweet. Hope your comfortable as can be expected too!

Check out the giveaway we are having on our blog right now. I believe (by looking at your blog) that you might be interested. :)


Paige said...

You are super cute...and you deserve a Mommy day! Go for it!

Katie said...

Which Old Navy jeans are those?? Are they black...I haven't seen them!

Kristin Sellars said...

Thanks for all your sweet compliments guys!

Katie...the Old Navy jeans are a dark wash (not black). The tag inside says "woven waistband skinny stretch". I got them a few months ago on clearance so they may not sell them anymore in the store. absolute favorite pair of maternity jeans are the ones from H&M. I think they are called the straight leg maternity jeans. And the best part...they are only $24! Hope that helps!