Monday, August 22, 2011

Hooded Towel Tutorial

My kids love hooded towels.
However my kids are giants.
They pretty much outgrew the hooded baby towels before they could walk.

Luckily hooded towels are the world's easiest thing to make.
And not only are they easy and fast
they are super cute and practical as well.
Just my kind of project :)

Oh and most importantly the kids love them!

Ready to get started?!

You will need:
-1 towel
-1 hand towel (or even a large washcloth would probably work)

I found these awesome vintage towels that were the perfect pair for this project.

Step 1:
Take your hand towel and fold it in half hamburger style. Cut along the fold.
*One hand towel will make 2 hoods :)

Step 2:
Take one of the halves of your hand towel and cut it to measure 12 inches in length.
(Do you see how I left the pretty finished edge and trimmed it to size on the edge that I had already cut when I cut it in half).

Step 3:
Pin the right (or good/front) sides together and sew along the top.
*The top should be the side you cut along.

Step 4:
Sew a small diagonal line across the back corner of the hood (the folded edge). This will make your hood a bit rounded.

Trim off the corner your just sewed across and flip right side out.

This is what the hood should look like when it is finished.

Step 5:
Lay your finished hood onto the center of your large towel, pin...

and sew down.

*I sewed the hood down on the front and the back to make sure it was extra secure.

See, wasn't that easy?!

Now try it on your little one

and enjoy!

Happy towel making!


Erika said...

love the colours!!I will try it!thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much i'm for sure going to try it.

Caitlin Weaver said...

Definately a useful gift! I've gotten them as gifts with both of my babies and they are probably the most used things we've recieved!

Johnson Family of 4!! said...

We LOVE your hooded towel!! Thank you so much :)

Sunny79 said...

WOW, that is really simple but soooo nice..would try it these days on my own for my two boys...hope it will work that way.
Thanks for sharing your tutorial.
Love, Marina from Germany

saffiertje said...

this is a great alternative for the capes!!! The kids won't fit in their capes anymore next this will be grat as a replacement!!! Thanx for sharing..
Love the flowered one in special!!!