Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

I can't wait till we are done moving!
Things are so crazy right now I totally forgot to post my Friday Randoms on well... Friday!
But better late than never right?

Here's a peek at my week through the super cool hipstamatic lens of my camera phone.

I hope Kenzie and Wesley are best buddies forever.
Right now they are inseparable.

best. kid. birthday. party. location. ever.

Our current favorite movie.
I'm pretty sure Mackenzie, Wesley and I know every line in the entire movie.
At least it's a good one!

How did they get so cute?
I'm sure blessed!
Have no fear... Aaron the Animal Rescuer is here!
The kids were so excited Daddy was able to rescue this little guy who was stuck in our chimney.

We had a beach day with cousins!
Mackenzie is such the little swimmer! She loves being in the water!