Monday, August 8, 2011

Pallet Projects

I'm loving the newest upcycle trend of
taking old shipping pallets and turning them into all sorts of cool things.
Just check out some of the fun ideas I found on Pinterest over the past couple of weeks.

Pallet shelves and bike rack

Pallet organizer

Pallet sectional

Pallet shelves

Now all I need are some pallets (and some free time to get building).


Melissa said...

Funny you posted this. I just "stole" some pallets from my neighbors trash last night. My husband was mortified! I plan on making a laundry room bench, and hopefully a sign, but I am thinking I need more pallets!

Walewska said...

Oh! I really love your first pic. It´s really cute and fresh and I love to show beautiful thoughts and statements on a pallet!