Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm totally turning into one of "those" people.
You know...the people who are a little umm... different.
A couple days ago the hubby and I watched this documentary.

And now I'm busting out my juicer

and making crazy juice concoctions for our family.

Today I made some grape, apple, strawberry. pineapple, carrot and cucumber juice (that the kids loved!) and some kale, celery, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon green juice.

I told you I'm going a little crazy
but I feel healthier already :)


shoutingforha said...

My hubby and I watched it too and we've been juicing fools ever since. :)

Aubrey Rose said...

I just watched that movie the other day and bought a juicer the same night. Now, I just have to use it. Very inspired b/c I have been trying to find a good balance w/raw eating.