Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Randoms

Fall is officially in the air
and I'm loving it!
This week was just the same as usual except for one new and exciting thing...
Mackenzie started preschool (more on that to come)!
Here's a look at our week through the lens of my camera phone.

Fall fun at the park

Wesley showing off his very manly spider tattoo

morning snuggles :)
Since Wesley switched to the big boy bed both kids come walking into our room around 6:30 a.m. which is about 2 hours too early for me.
Luckily they like to snuggle in bed for a bit while Mommy wakes up.

The kids love to share their toys with Madelyn.
I'm always finding a car or princess laying next to her.

Yummy frozen yogurt!

Park day with friends

Mackenzie's first hair cut!
Don't worry we didn't do anything major...just a trim.
She's still growing her hair out to be like Rapunzel.

Wesley's an old pro.

Field trip to the Fire Station

I need more arms.
I think it's only fair that you get at least one more with every kid you have.

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Katie said...

My mother in law always says if evolution were true, mothers would have way more than two arms! :)