Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One of those days..

The other day was
"just one of those days"
you know the kind where everything seems to go wrong.

It started off with a little trip to Costco for lunch.
Just as we had gotten our food and were sitting down to eat
Madelyn started to get fussy (in the car seat).
I took her out to find poo e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
All over her, her clothes, the car seat, etc.
Conveniently I also forgot my diaper bag at home.
Of course.
So I went to my car where luckily I found a map of Yosemite to change her on (literally there was poo everywhere)
a diaper, some wipes and a pair of Wesley's shorts.
She doesn't look too happy to be wearing her brother's shorts does she?

Well...a little poo wasn't going to stop my outing for the day
so after lunch I headed to the Mission Viejo Mall.

I was trying to figure out the most strategic place to park (since I had all the kiddos)
so I headed to the part of the parking structure that has a bridge that would take me straight into the second floor of the store I wanted.
I thought I was being so clever until I realized that I still had the camper shell (we had JUST bought for Yosemite) on the top of my car.
Yep...didn't remember that until I was stuck under the parking structure.
Probably my worst blond moment to date.

Once I got out of the parking structure
I was so frazzled I just headed home.
I had definitely had enough excitement for one day.

Please, tell me you have had "one of those days" recently too.


Erika said...

the poo situations had it to many times with the little one and with the older one peeing on here self because we could not get in time to the bathroom...we had to go strait to a shop to buy..pants..nikers and soks...:) days.

Amanda said...

I think I have the BEST poo explosion story ever.

We were living in Washington state when Maddie was born and decided to fly back to Connecticut for Christmas when she was about 5 months old. The flight to Connecticut was fine and uneventful but the flight home, gahh!

The plane started going down the runway when I heard and smelled the most awful thing ever. Maddie was sitting on my lap and I just knew it was bad. Unfortunately we were in the beginning of the flight so I had to wait 30 minutes for the seatbelt sign to go off before I could do anything.

I took her to the back of the plane- surprise! no changing table! So I bent down to change her on the floor in the back only to discover there was poop EVERYWHERE. I had the stewardess get my husband with the extra clothes- oops none for me! Eventually I got her straightened out and as clean as possible. I stood up to clean myself up only to discover I had been kneeling in some sort of fluid that also smelled horrible. It was not a great start to a cross country flight!

Chiara said...

Ciao! Scrivo in italiano così riesco a spiegarmi meglio, tanto ci sono i traduttori... ;)

Per me lunedì è stata una giornata "NO", perchè Emanuele (che ha 20 mesi) è caduto e si è tagliato la fronte. Siamo andati al Pronto Soccorso e gli hanno dato 3 punti di sutura... però tutto sommato non ha pianto molto, perchè mentre lo cucivano era in braccio a me.
Siamo arrivati all'ospedale alle 7.30 pm e siamo andati via alle 11 pm.

pazienza... ora Emanuele sembra star bene

ciao ciao

Krulls in Haiti said...

Oh man, that is a rough day. That picture just breaks my heart. Poo explosions are the worst, but I have yet to get wedged in a parking structure!!

Camie Rae said...

Yes, I can relate. Please come see my bad day...just look at the picture would you?! I promise it will make you feel better!!