Monday, September 12, 2011

No problem!

The other day we had a blackout.
No power for 12 hours.
For some people the lack of electricity was pretty much the end of the world.
But for me it was awesome.
So awesome I'm contemplating having intentional blackout days once a month.

So your probably thinking, "You are crazy!
Who actually likes blackouts?"
Umm...I do!
and here's why...
1. No electricity meant I couldn't cook so we went out to dinner :) (What's not to like about that!)
2. No power meant I got to light a bunch of candles that I always forget to use.
3. No lights meant the kids got to play with their flashlights and we got to have a raging glow stick dance party.
4. No electricity meant no TV, or computers (and even our cell phones weren't working) which equalled lots of family time. We played a board game by candle light which was so much fun.
5. No lights meant it was extra dark which made everyone sleepy so we all went to bed early.

See...what's not to love about that?!
I think I could get used to this no power thing.
At least one day a month :)

Even Madelyn joined the power outage fun!
Here she is wearing Aaron's headlamp :)


Erika said...

:))) you are so funny!and that is a good idea!

Jenny said...

I LOVE power outages! It makes for fun memories with flashlights in the dark and the kids think it's the greatest "game" ever :)