Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Randoms

Wow there is so much to be caught up on!
Here's a peek at the past 2 weeks from the lens of my camera phone.
Hold on, let's go..

The boutique was awesome!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Bright and early the morning after my boutique, we flew to Florida.
The 5 of us plus our 4 carry ons, a stroller, 3 car seats, diaper bag, computer bag, and 2 kids backpacks.

Making it on the plane felt like an accomplishment in itself.
Luckily the kids did great during the flight.
I sat with little Missy

and Aaron sat with the big kids.

Aaron's mother in law works for Disney so we were able to go to Disney World twice while we were in Florida!
The kids were so excited they got to meet Jake!

The light show at Disney's Hollywood Studios was awesome!

We ate at Cracker Barrel.
It's our favorite breakfast spot.
And wondered once again why they don't bring them out to Cali?!
We need some good southern food out here.

Kenzie and I discovered Instagram.
And realized it is a million times cooler than Hipstamatic.
Why did it take me so long?

We also decided we need matching Anthropologie aprons.

Madelyn started sitting up by herself and is trying to crawl (although I'm doing everything I can to prolong it).

We visited Super Target
(yet another thing that needs to make its way to Cali).

Then we drove from Orlando to Tallahassee.
The iPad saved the day once again.

And then from Tallahassee to Shell Point (a.k.a the beach!).

We went on a sunset boat ride with Aaron's aunt and uncle.

And spent Thanksgiving at the beach.

With Aaron's aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins kids, etc.
It was a blast!
We just wish they all lived closer and we could do it much more often.

We hit up Target and Walmart at midnight on Black Friday.
I love the craziness.

We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Which was also so much fun!

could she be any cuter?

We went fishing.

And to Cracker Barrel. again.

Spent lots of time with Aaron's dad, step mom and step sister.

Then we came home and decorated for Christmas

and I kicked Aaron's booty in Monopoly.

What a fun 2 weeks!


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