Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nativity sets for kids

I'm always on the lookout for creative ways to share the Gospel with my kids.
For tangible ways to explain the truth about who Jesus is and what he has done for them.
More than anything I want them to get it.
Especially at Christmas.
I want them to enjoy the presents and the decorations and even Santa Claus (or Saint Nicholas as we like to call him) but I want them to know, really know and understand, that it's all about Jesus.
That we give presents because Jesus is the greatest gift of all.
That we decorate with lights because He is the light of the world.
And that we think Saint Nicholas is cool because he shared the love of Jesus with others.
And I know that doesn't just happen.
It takes being intentional and talking about it with them. a lot.
Heck..I need to be reminded about it a lot too.

We have the Little People Nativity set which the kids love to play with

and last week my mom found this nativity that she made my brother and I when we were kids.

Then I was looking on Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest) and found a bunch of other awesome nativity sets/ideas the kids would love. I thought I'd share them.

recycled Nativity found here

yummy Nativity found here

watercolor and clothespin nativity found here

wooden doll nativity found here

wooden block nativity found here

thread spool nativity found here

What are some ways you teach your kids about Christ at Christmas?