Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore

So my hubby told me it's weird that I take pictures of myself every day.
So I thought about it and I think he's right.
It is kind of weird.
It has helped my getting dressed problem, but that's about it.
So I'm thinking about retiring my What I Wore Wednesdays posts.
What do you think?
Would you miss them or look forward to not seeing me and my outfits every week?
Be honest. You won't hurt my feelings :)
I have to be honest, I definitely wouldn't miss taking pictures of myself every day.
And I'm pretty sure I'd still get dressed everyday.
at least most days :)

While we are figuring this whole thing out, here are last week's pics (and a bit of the week before).

sweater- vintage
jeans- Levis
flats- Payless
belt- vintage
necklace- vintage

(When I say vintage I mean straight up from the 70's and stolen from my mom's closet. Yes she still have stuff from the 70s in there.)

dress- Mamaways
jeggings- Forever 21
cardigan- Target
boots- Cathy jean

sweater- Old Navy
jeggings- Target
necklace- Forever 21
belt- vintage
boots- Cathy Jean

top- Banana Republic
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
cardigan- Macy's
shoes- Macy's

sweater- Old Navy
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
flats- Macy's

tee- Old Navy
sweater- vintage (my mom saved a bunch of her favorite clothes from way back when in the attic. I'm not sure what she was saving them for but they ended up fitting me just perfectly. Thanks mom!)
jeans- Levis
flats- Macy's

*can u guess who helps me get dressed every morning?

top- Forever 21
nursing tank underneath- Target
jeans- Target
boots- Cathy Jean
necklace- vintage

the boy sporting his favorite shark boots that he wears e.v.e.r.y. day.

tee- Old Navy
cardigan- Forever 21
necklace- Forever 21
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
flats- vintage (this time from Aaron's step grandma)

sweater- gift from friend (Old Navy)
tank underneath- Old Navy
belt- vintage
jeans- Citizen of Humanity

sweater- Banana Republic
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
necklace- Forever 21
shoes- Payless

Kenzie's outfit- Naartjie (love their girl's clothes)
Wesley- Target


The Four on Board said...

I think it's great that you do it! You have adorable style...and it is good accountability to get dressed!!!

Katie said...

I love it! I think everyone likes to"peek" into everyones day to day. ;)

Vanessa Hochreiter said...

After my second child I adopted the same ideology, look cute and get dressed in something other than a track suit or yoga pants and in turn I would feel mor productive. It has worked! I like the inspiration of looking at your combinations. I am not very creative so need the mentoring.

Erika said...

don't stop!I like your style and you are an inspiration!

Courtney said...

OK, so I'm a bit late here, but I agree - keep going! I love your style and looks. Your simple looks always seem put together and great, offers me some inspiration!

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