Monday, December 12, 2011

Liquid gold

Yesterday was a happy day.
While my dad was cleaning out the cupboards in the garage he struck gold.
Liquid gold that is.

He came across a hidden bag of these bad boys we smuggled back from our last trip to Brazil.
They are the best. soda. ever.
And of course they are found only in Brazil.
But now we have them in our fridge where we will ration them and enjoy them for as long as possible.
Mmmmm...I can hardly wait.

Has anyone else ever had Guarana?


missbossypants said...

I LOVE Guarana!!!
I was an exchange student in Brazil when I was 16 years old, and fell in love with (spefically) Antartica brand guarana. There are other brands available in the import section, but don't compare to Antartica!

Jessica said...

My husband and I also love Guarana! He spent some time in Brazil on a mission trip eight years ago. We look for it all the time and occasionally find it at a grocery store in the ethnic food section in big plastic bottles and we stock up! Enjoy!

Ana B. said...

OMG can't believe you found those!!! As a Brazilian, i must say, they are the BEST drink in the world. ;) hehehe, enjoy, cuz in our last trip to the states (we're in Canada) we found out they are not gonna be exported anymore. :( Enjoy ;)

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