Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mini Me?

My mom is awesome. 
She saved so much fun stuff from when my brother and I were little.
 She even saved a handful of my old clothes (her favorites). 
A few months ago we came across a jean skirt and jacket set of mine and have been talking about getting a picture of Mackenzie in it, just for fun.
So today Kenzie and I dug up an old picture of me wearing it, put on the outfit, rocked a side pony tail (remember those?) and had a little photo shoot. 
She thought it was so cool to be wearing the same outfit I did. 
I thought it was pretty cool too. 
 So what do you think?
Is she a little mini me?


Tina said...

So cute!!

iluslifexxo said...

how cute she definitely looks just like you!

M Mommy to 4 said...

That's adorable! I love it!

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