Thursday, January 5, 2012

blog stalker

I had a major blog stalker moment the other day.
I randomly clicked on this link from Pinterest which took me to this blog.
Next thing I knew my kids were waking up from their nap and I realized I had spent the last couple of h.o.u.r.s. reading all about Emily and her family.
It's crazy and cool how blogs offer a glimpse into people's lives and stories.
And it's kind of creepy how you can feel like you totally know someone you have never met just through reading their blog (please someone else tell me they know what I mean so I don't seem like such a weirdo). 

Anyways, I've really enjoyed getting to know Emily (through her blog) and I thought I'd pass it along to you as well.      


Some reasons I like Emily and think we could totally be friends. 

She has 6 (yes six!) kids. 
And the crazier part is they are only 7 years apart.
And she's only 30. 
That could totally be me! What do you think Mr. Sellars? 

And get this..her five kids share one room
If that doesn't spike your curiosity I don't know what will. 

Plus she color coded her kids. 
Which I think is genius. 

And they adopted a sweet little girl from Ethiopia.
 Which me and the Mr. would love to do someday (adopt).

So grab a cup of coffee and go meet Emily for yourself. 


Miss Jordan said...

I've read Emily's blog for about a year now and I love it so much. Envious of her big 'ol family. We're only on number one, so still a ways to go ;) I also have blog stalking moments...glad I'm not the only one!

SarahJarnagin said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing! I love reading about big families... and if 5 share a room, maybe there's hope that we can fit a large family in a small house. :)