Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Randoms

 Here's a peek at the past week or so through the lens of my camera phone.
Enjoy the randomness!

Just when I think she can't possibly get any cuter.
she does.
And cutie got a new nickname...chunkers.
Because she has the cutest chunkiest legs and tummy (and everything) ever.

My little ballerina and race car driver.
They are super into dress up these days.

I got a bike for Christmas! 
So they hubby took me and all 3 kids (2 in the trailer and one on the front of my bike) on a crazy family bike ride. 
I survived. barely. 

And this little one stayed awake for the whole bike ride (I kept telling Aaron she was probably too scared too fall asleep) but was out as soon as we got to the park. 

The hubby and I are teaching the kindergarten and first grade Sunday school class at church. 
We have the best group of kids. 

happy baby

Aaron and I drug the kids out in the morning to wait in line at the R.E.I. used gear sale. 
Everyone looked at us like we were crazy but it was totally worth it. 

Some of our R.E.I. scores.
I will never be cold again. 

The mister and I went out on a date to celebrate my birthday.  

It's a miracle I was able to get this picture.
The more kids you have the harder it is to get a decent photo of everyone. 

The kids have been loving their bikes too.

Thank you South Coast Plaza for $1 train rides.  

Wesley wishes he lived somewhere really cold so he could wear his beanie, a jacket and his rain boots every day.
Who's kid is he?

We made salt dough ornaments and salt dough hand prints with some friends right before Christmas.

tangerine mustache anyone  

Wesley's been so cute with Madelyn lately. 
He asks to hold her all the time and refers to her as "My baby".
He's always asking me, "Mom where's my baby?"

I heart them.

Modeling some of her new Christmas clothes. 

nothing beats home made bread

double decker

Hi Madelyn. 

My attempt at making a fun lunch. 
Can you tell what it's supposed to be?

Hope you guys had a great week!


The Feathered Nest said...

Such a precious post!!! Your family is so beautiful...these are the good ol' days girl!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Savvy in San Francisco said...

Your family is adorable! I have three little ones too - always an adventure!

sfitz said...

HELLO you have gorgeous eyes!!!