Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chalk board picture frame

I've been wanting a cute chalk board for 
It's just one of the projects I have on my super long to do list that will most likely never get done. 
You know how that goes.

But guess what I got for Christmas?
A super cute 
totally perfect for our house
chalkboard picture frame handmade by my cousin.

I'm in love!

It's just perfect for writing Mackenzie's weekly bible memory verses (for her preschool) on. 

And we hung it right by the dining table so we could go over the verse during meals.
So far it's been working out great!

Oh and apparently it was super easy to make.
Just take the glass out of a picture frame, paint some chalkboard paint on it and
ta da!
An adorable chalkboard.

Thanks Becky!
We love it!

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