Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday randoms

It's Friday!

Here's a peek at our week through the lens of my camera phone. 

We took a family bike ride over to the Great Park (our new favorite spot) last weekend! 
It was the perfect weather for the perfect family outing.
We had a blast riding over there, playing soccer, riding the carousel and playing at the park. 

We heart our church
and we heart our friends at church.  

She's getting so big....someone make her stop growing!

We celebrated my mom on her birthday. 
I've never seen anyone so happy about being another year older (she turned 65). 

We went for an evening swim in our heated pool 
(I'm talking like Jacuzzi temperature water.)
None of us wanted to get out.

We took Wesley to the ENT for the never ending puncture wound.
More antibiotics.

And we went in the pool

I made Heath bar chocolate chip toffee cookies. 

They have been best buddies all week. 

We went to the park. 

I found Little Miss Trouble eating a marker. 

The Mister's car is getting a new motor so he took my car to work a couple days this week. 
I decided we could just walk to church for our Bible Study since we live super close (and I have been wanting to start exercising again)...

but us walking there looked more like this...
me carrying Wesley on my back while I was pushing Madelyn in the stroller. 

At least it was a good workout!

Hope you had a great week!