Friday, March 2, 2012

A peek into our week...Friday Randoms

I can't believe it's Friday again (and did that happen?)!
The weeks just keep flying by!
Here's a peek into our week through the camera lens of my phone.

Daddy took Wes on a man date while 

the girls and I went to a Pretend City (a children's museum by us). 

The boy went back to the doctor a.g.a.i.n. for his puncture wound
It's like the never ending thing around here
but I think this time it really is finally getting better. 

Oh I just love him!

You would have thought it was Christmas morning when I showed the kids the new mac and cheese I bought them.
I was the coolest mom ever. 

I had some friends over for a bow party.

We all made fun hair goodies for our girlies. 
This was one our favorite patterns for felt flowers. 
Super easy and cute! 

My brother and his fiance Bedina were baptized at church!

I made some homemade chicken pot pie.
With 11 vegetables in it.
That the kids ate and liked! 

We did some picnicking. 
Which I am convinced is way easier than cleaning up the after lunch mess my kids make when we eat lunch at home. 
Plus it's much more fun. 

The kids are finally into the slippers I got them for Christmas. 
And now I have to re explain to Wesley why he can't wear slippers outside every time we get ready to leave the house.

We went to the park. 

The kids new favorite thing is the monkey bars. 

She's just so cute!

Just a peek into some of the craziness that goes on in our house. 
Madelyn is attacking Mackenzie with tongs and she is pretending to take a nap on top of the laundry basket. 
I swear my kids don't even like to play with real toys. 

Me and my little buddy reading our favorite book together. 

The Lord's been teaching me some good stuff this week. 
Man, the word of God is so good! 

My big helpers

Hanging out while Mackenzie was at swim. 

We went to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time since Aaron and I were kids. 

Man that place is cool!
Way over priced and not super good food but really cool!

I finally finished 14 new pairs of drool pads! 
Now all I have to do is list them in the shop.

We did a little home tattooing. 

And little Missy fell asleep in the jumper while I was putting clothes away in the other room. 
I was wondering why she was being so quiet :)

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