Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He needs a brother

Poor Guy...
Sandwiched in between two sisters.

Yesterday we had this conversation...

Wesley (running out of the bathroom, super excited): "Mom! May I have this please?"
Me: "No Wes. Headbands are for girls." 

Wesley: "No Mom, it's blue. Blue is for boys."

Awww... I love him!


Chiara said...

My brother had the same "problem"... when we were kids, he had to play with Barbie (or Ken), because he was the only little boy... with 5 girls (2 sisters and 3 cousins)... ;)

ciao ciao

Unknown said...

Haha, my husband is the same as Wesley! His sisters dressed him up and drove his uber manly dad crazy. Highschool years he was able to look out for both sisters. I'm sure Wes will be the same since they are close in age :)
Annnd my husband has the best balance of sensitivity and manly man-ness, haha. Not sure if that's cause the sister thing but it could be!
Sweet boy!

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