Friday, July 13, 2012

A peek at our week

Happy Friday everyone! 
Today we are hitting up opening day at the of our favorite things to do every summer! 
I think the kids already have every ride that they want to go on mentally mapped out.
And you better believe I already have my food menu mentally mapped out as well. 
MMmmmm there's nothing like fair food.

Speaking of food, 
last week I made my friend's brown butter tart recipe
with my last jar of canned apricots.
If you are looking for an easy and super yummy dessert recipe give it a try.
It's always a crowd pleaser.

I burnt my fingers making dinner.
Thankfully I had some lavender oil to put on it. 
again and again and again.

The hubby and I found a new game for date night....

Last weekend the kids slept in till 9:00!
That was worth documenting.

We went to the Great park (surprise, surprise).

future soccer star

We celebrated a friend's 30th.
They love being together.
well most of the time.

I went to the dentist for 1 filling and left with 2.
two and a half hours later.

We finallllllly got into the dermatologist to figure out what's going on with Madelyn's face.
Hopefully the never ending rash will be gone soon.

My tiara and wand tutorial made it to the front page of Tip Junkie!

We need a mango tree to feed all the mini mango lovers in this house.
Does anyone know why mangos are so expensive?

We decided to take a "restful" walk one night before the kids bed time. 
It ended up being a little crazy (at least inside the jogger)!

Kenzie and her BFF took their first dance class together.
(Do you see how tall Kenzie is...her friend is only 4 months younger)

And Wesley started soccer classes.
He's a stud already.

7-Eleven is awesome.
Actually free slurpee's anywhere would be awesome.

Maddie even got in on the action.

Check out our giant tomato plant/tree.
I'm 5'9 and it's taller than me! 


Erika said...

Looks like you had a great week!I will give that game a try,looks fun!And your kids are getting cuter and cuter every week!
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Mangos are expensive cause they are awesome! I like the little yellow ones. I've had better luck with those. (i'm in TX) I considered naming my second child Mango cause I ate so many while pregnant with her! haha. We are on the mango train again this summer!

Caitlin said...

I was wondering about Madelyn's face when I read one of your previous posts. Her rash looks a lot like what my daughter had on her eyelid. My pediatrician kept saying it was just a clogged tear duct (because it was around her eye), but I finally took her to the dermatologist and he said it was eczema and prescribed a lotion for it. Since using the lotion it hasn't been flaky or peeled at all. It's still a bit red sometimes, but at least it doesn't peel. She also had a spot on her leg that did the same thing. Hopefully Madelyn's will go away, too.

The Keatts Family said...

Ah! That oil saved me big time on a tea kettle burn at a gals house. Thanks for reminding me to get some for my house!

Katie said...

Have you looked at produce prices at a Mexican or ethnic grocery store? The ones near me often have mangos 3/$1 or 4/$1 as well as several other awesome deals! And, if you can get ahold of their ads, Wal-Mart will price match.