Friday, July 6, 2012

play tent

We aren't one of those super crunchy granola eating kind of families
but we do love camping.
a lot.
And we wish we did it a whole lot more.
In fact if we had a real backyard I think we might even go camping there. 
You know...just for fun. 

I think the only people who love camping more than me and my hubby are the kids.
They ask to go like every other day. 
They would be so excited if I (who am I kidding...Aaron) whipped them up one of these cute little play tents. 
Aren't they cool! 
Another project added to the never ending to-do list :)

Tutorial HERE

Tutorial HERE

Tutorial HERE

Where are some of your favorite places to go camping? 


Erika said...

We went camping in our living room a few days ago,they loved it,I will love to have a cute tent like that ,you just gave me some ideas!thanks

Sarah said...

I made that first one last month and my kids loved it! It was under $20 and super quick to make!