Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer fun...a peek at our week

Here's what we have been up to lately (via the camera on my cell phone).

Last week we went to our local lake. 
It's the perfect place for kids. 
No waves, shallow for a long ways out and always warm. 

The only bummer is that you can get swimmer's itch from it. 
Which Mackenzie totally got
(but hey one out of 3 isn't bad right).

Secret message paintings are always a hit around here.
They are also my secret weapon to keep the kids busy while I'm cooking dinner.  

Wesley is our crazy boy. 
He prefers to watch movie upside down. 

Our girls are so similar it's crazy. 
Madelyn is always sneaking off to pretend play by herself...just like Mackenzie. 


Yes, that's my husband riding a razor with Wesley on his back. 
Now you know where the boy gets his crazy from. 

future rock climbers. 
Have you seen this guy? 

We never get tired of free carousel rides. 

My aunt made Madelyn this gorgeous quilt! 
I know...I'm still freaking out!

These things are gross when you are not sick but totally awesome and necessary when you are stuck blowing your nose every 5 minutes with a summer cold. 
Thank you Puffs Plus with Vicks. 

Parks are cool. 
Parks with water are even cooler. 
Especially on a hot day. 

Sometimes I feel like she's 4 going on 14.

Me and Maddie.

I'm so glad my girls have each other.
I always wanted a sister. 

My cousin came for a visit from New York. 
We all wished he lived a whole lot closer. 

Cornstarch+water+food coloring=
sidewalk paint

I admit it...
I used to not love going to the park.
 I mean we went but I was always kind of itching to leave as soon as we got there.  
But lately we have all been loving the park. 
I think we have been there every day this week. 

We also had a great time celebrating the 4th of July.

The sun never did met us at the beach but that didn't stop us from having a blast. 

We just pretended we were celebrating the 4th at a beach in Washington or something. 

The good part about it being ugly weather was that we had the entire beach to ourselves (well with our friends). 
That part was cool!

Our little muscle man. 

This year we went to our friends new house in a city that allows fireworks (most of the ones around us don't) 

so the kids got to experience sparklers for the first time

and we did a little firework show of our own. 
Which I think is way better than just watching them from afar (although I'm a fan of that too). 
It did sound a little like WW3 though. 
I think everyone in the entire town had the same good idea.

More park fun. 

I love going to the farmers market. 
One day we'll have fruit trees and a giant garden. day. 

Yesterday I found a coupon for an oil change at Sears and since the van desperately needed an oil change I went. 
With the kids.
Big mistake. Big big mistake.
After 2 torturous hours they hadn't even started on our car. 
  And finally after a big stink they finished our car really fast because I threatened to hand them a screaming kid if they didn't. 
Thanks Sears.