Thursday, July 19, 2012

Putting Pinterest into action

I heart Pinterest
I've found so many great ideas, tips and recipes to pin.
571 great pins to be exact. 
Guess how many of them I have actually done/made?
Less than 5.
so. pathetic.

So the other day I decided to actually do some of the fun things I have pinned. 
Last week we made sidewalk paint and yesterday we experimented with colored vinegar and baking soda. 

The kids thought it was so cool to watch the vinegar bubble as it hit the baking soda. 

They played with it for at least 30 minutes and have been asking to do it again and again and again.

Yay for actually doing something I pinned. 
Hopefully it's a trend that will continue. 

How are you about actually putting your Pinterest pins to use?


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! It's a lot easier to say "that's cool and I'll do it someday" good job actually doing!

Caitlin Weaver said...

I just blogged about the same baking soda/vinegar activity! My 3 yr old loved it too.:

I pin tons of things on Pinterest, but the things I actually put into action the most are the recipes! It makes meal planning so much easier to be able to look at my "Dinner" pin board, and then just choose the things that look good, or the things that use similar ingredients.

ashley @ my craftily ever after said...

I created an "I did that" pin board as motivation to actually do some of the awesome things I pin! This way I may have hundreds of pin but at least some of them I can check off as tried!