Saturday, November 10, 2012

Choosing to be thankful

I really want to title this post 
things that suck about being on bed rest.

This morning I sent Mackenize off to her last soccer game and her end of the year party. 
And I was mad. 
I want to be there so bad! 
I hate missing out on life and I hate not being able to be there for my kids. 
And I hate that bed rest affects way more people than just me. 
And I could go on and on about all of the reasons why bed rest sucks. 
And part of me really wants to
but instead I'm choosing to be grateful and thankful for all the good things in my life right now.   

I want to dwell on those things instead. 
Because when crazy uncontrollable things happen 
we get to choose our response to them. 
And instead of being bitter I want to be grateful.

So here are the things I choosing to be grateful for.

-A precious baby that I'm on bed rest for. I'm so thankful that he's still on the inside and that he's growing bigger and stronger each day. 

-My husband who has been serving me and the kids so sacrificially this past month and a half. He has been such a trooper and even finds ways to go out of his way to bless me.  I'm one lucky lady! 

-All the friends and family that have been helping with the kids! 3 kids isn't a small task. I know it's tiring and they have been going out of their way to keep them entertained and alive. We are so blessed by the people God has surrounded us with!   

 -Little, pretty reminders of the outside world. 

-Friends that have stopped by for a visit or my night! And friends who bring yummy treats.

-Leggings and Uggs. The best bed rest wardrobe ever.

-These three cuties that keep life from being anything but boring. 

What are you choosing to be thankful for today?


Unknown said...

I'm right there on the couch with you friend (although I haven't been on bed rest as long as you and possibly not as strict) to prevent preterm labor. It's hard when you feel you're making those around you suffer and sacrifice so much. I feel like I'm neglecting my kids to protect this baby. But it must be done. Thankful for modern medicines and technology that can detect issues. Thankful for my Christ centered husband who has a heart for service. And for our moms willing to wrestle our other two rascals :)
Thank you for sharing your heart! Praying for you!

Briar said...

Bed rest is so hard! Isn't it weird the first time you leave the house? Everything seemed so loud and hectic to me after being in my room for weeks! Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for my health this year. I know you know this, but it really will be worth it! Hang in there!